His loneliness born of his insatiable yearning finally drove Sam out of his bedroom and into the corridor of his apartment building.

The heat of the summer day seemed to make the walls of the drab corridor sway in blurry waves. Dappled with one color here, and another color there, the unfinished wall paint wasn't even noticed by Sam. Living in poor quality housing is all he ever knew.

He did notice the corridor lighting wasn't working well today. The lights flickered pink where there should have been bright blue-white neon lights.

Sam quckened his pace. He was worried the corridor lights might turn off before he got out of the building

He wanted to get out quickly. Out of the corridor, and out of the apartment building. He wanted to be outside on real ground made of real earth and grass. He wanted to feel the water from the lawn sprinklers on his skin, and see bushes laden with colored flowers and smell their fragrance drifting through the warm city air.

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