This is Achak.  A native Canadian who saved Steve's family during a very severe Northern Winter at The Oil Sands of Fort McMurray. 

Steve wanted to unburden his past by telling me what he lived through in the wilderness of the Far North.

He said it all happened in 1964 in Northern Alberta, Canada, where Achak lived so many years before.

Fort McMurray at that time was no more than a few houses. Long before
it became the oil boom town of today.

As best I could, I've illustrated the story for you the reader, so you could better see, 
and feel, the story that Steve told me.

It is a remarkable story of a Native Canadian who saved Steve's father, and as a result saved his whole family

Achak, considered a Hero by the family, saved Steve's family despite the tragic end that befell many of Achak's own people.

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