The story begins with Steve, his Mother, his younger brother Jerry, and their Father riding an old train made of wood. 

The train was heading North to Fort McMurray, Alberta. 

The summer day was hot and all windows were opened. Steve and his father wandered about, doing a bit of sightseeing in other cabins while Jerry and his Mom remained behind.

Mom brought with her fresh cherries, a kind of picnic snack for the long hot trip that went from Calgary to almost the Arctic Circle, just south of the North West Territories. 

Jerry, loved cherries. He  gorged himself on these summer treats until suddenly,  he wrapped his hands around his throat.

He bawled out, "I swallowed some cherries with the pits inside."  In panic, he wailed, 
"I will die! I will die!"

Wise with experience, Mom embraced Jerry around the shoulders and reassured him that he will! 

Of course, Mom insisted on maximizing her amusement at Jerry's panic.  
She giggled and laughed while Jerry was horrified his own Mother found his "deadly plight" so hilarious.

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